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We haven't heard much from Huawei about new smartwatches since their original effort was announced at MWC 2015 and released thereafter, but a new report out of China may rekindle that flame in a strange way.

A daily paper, JoongAng Ilbo, is reporting that Huawei has been working with none other than Samsung, developer of Tizen, the open-source and Linux-based operating system to bring said OS to their next watch.

While proponents of keeping manufacturers from muddying android have applauded Google's efforts to control Android Wear more closely, Manufacturers feel there is a lack of hardware and software design flexibility with the OS. These criticisms are what lead Samsung to move to their Tizen software for the Gear S2, the success of which prompted a follow-up decision on the Gear S3.

Sounds logical, even if it's a bit disheartening to Android enthusiasts and Huawei watch fans, right? So why are we labeling this a rumor? According to Android Authority, a Samsung spokesperson has stated that "Samsung has not officially received any request for such collaboration from Huawei yet."

Though the word "yet" there may lead you to wonder if there will be collaboration soon or in the future, since Tizen is open-source like Android, a partnership between the two behemoth manufacturers wouldn't be required for Huawei to develop and release a Tizen-based smartwatch.

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In a move that may or may not surprise you at this point in the game, Blackberry has announced that they will no longer be making their own phones. Instead, they will focus on security and software products and outsource the manufacturing of Blackberry branded devices to third-parties.

We've already seen a product of this plan with the DTEK 50, which was basically a rebranded Alcatel Idol 4.

If you were surprised by this news, estimates claim that Blackberry held only .1% of the market in the second quarter, selling just over 400,000 units.

It's a bold move. While Blackberry's software has been known for years as being secure and the top choice for businesses and governments until recent years, for many, that software went hand-in-hand with their hardware.

However, it's safe to say that this move won't count Blackberry in or out of the mobile market either way. Rather, it will shift their focus to what some would say they do best, software development. They've already made the Blackberry Hub available to all Android Marshmallow (and above) devices and are working on products for IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Whether we'll see an influx of people walking around with Blackberry devices remains to be seen, but it's certain that we'll still see their name in apps and software on other devices, at least in the near future.

Source: BlackBerry says it's done designing...
by Jonny Kansas at Sep 28, 2016
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Team Win has done it again.

Arguably one of the most popular custom recovery methods available for android devices, TWRP has been released for the Moto Z.

For those unfamiliar with a custom recovery, they're a handy tool for flashing roms, creating backups of your device, and much more.

At this time, TWRP is only available for the regular Moto Z, not the Force. No word yet on whether support for the Z's larger brother is in the pipeline.

Hit the link below to visit Team Win Recovery Project and check it out.

Motorola Moto Z 2016

Personally, my days of custom recovery and flashing roms/themes seem to be a distant memory. How about you guys? Are there folks out there that have been waiting for this day? Or has stock Android finally reached a point for you that you're satisfied with your devices out of the box?

Let us know below!
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Earlier and HTC designer uploaded a concept video of a device named HTC Ocean. HTC quickly made the designer pull down the video and denied that it was accurate. The video mentions the device will have "Sense Touch" which seems to be a pressure sensitive display technology. It also looks like Google will be heavily integrating Google Now into the functionality of the device.

The device in question looks very similar to what we have already seen with HTC's design language. Codenames for this device and others have surfaced. Ocean Master, Ocean Note, and Ocean Smart are all devices HTC may be working on. We may see these in early 2017 or the could be vapor ware.
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If you are looking for a new icon pack you may want to check out Simpax. Simpax is a minimalistic icon pack, but is unlike anything else out there. The icons feature a muted pastel color scheme. The icon pack includes more than 3400 hand themed icons which also feature alternates so you can change the color of each icon to your liking, more than 50 HD wallpapers, and support for your favorite third party launchers. The icon pack also includes a dashboard which helps with things like applying icons to your homescreen and requesting icons. This icon pack is a steal at only $.99.

via Play Store
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Samsung Pay is still my favorite way to make payments. It just works everywhere! I have only recently been able to hop on board since my bank Regions was finally added months ago. Now Capital One members can also join in on the fun. This update brings support for many cards including Venture, Venture One, Quicksilver, QuicksilverOne, Platinum, Journey, Secured Mastercard, Spark Cash, Spark Miles, Spark Cash Select, Spark Miles Select, and Spark Classic. Go ahead and open up the Samsung Pay app and add your Capital One card!

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There have been rumors swirling around that Google is working on a Hybrid OS which would merge Android together with Chrome OS. This hybrid would make for a one size fits all OS that would work for tablets and cell phones alike. Google may be getting closer to realizing this goal.

Sources have found references to the Nexus 9 in AOSP code associated with the Hybrid OS. Who knows if Google is looking to release the OS on a tablet as old as the Nexus 9 or are just using the device to test the software. Either way I would love to test the PC like software. Who knows maybe we will see something at the October 4th event.

via 9to5google
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Here it is! The photo above shows off the final design of the Google Pixel which is the smaller version of the Pixel XL. This is one of the phones that will be introduced to the world on October 4th. We know the image is legit as it comes from Evan Blass a well known technology leaker who has been deadly accurate in the past. The image shows a device very similar in form factor to the iPhone or HTC's One A9. There is plenty of bezel above and below the display. The chin of the device is not my favorite. It doesn't even house a home button. We can also see from the image there won't be two front facing speakers like we saw with the Nexus 6p. HTC may still incorporate the earpiece as a second speaker.

Known specs for the Pixel include a 5" 1080p display, Snapdragon 821 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 2770mah battery, 12mp camera, USB Type-C and Android Nougat. Apparently if you want to purchase the Pixel from a carrier you will need to do purchase the phone from Verizon. There will also be an unlocked model available on the Play Store which will work with GSM carriers. The phone is said to start out at $650. I will probably skip the Pixel and go with the Pixel XL. How about you?

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Here we talk about our final thoughts on Allo. Our battery expert puts the lid on Samsung's batterygate, is HTC Ocean HTC's chance to get back to the HTC of old, as well as our thoughts on Google Pixel and Andromeda.
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Samsung keeps on taking the hits. After the volatile Note 7 situation we found out that one of the senior executives of Samsung LSI has been arrested for attempting to sell confidential information to a Chinese competitor. The same exec is now being sued by Samsung. The documents that were leaked out may give us some insight on Samsung's plans for the Galaxy S8.

The documents claim the device will feature a 10nm Exynos chipset which could be the Exynos 8895 cpu. The Exynos 8895 will make use of the Mali-G71 GPU which is said to be 1.8 times faster than the GPU found in the Galaxy S7. The most exciting part of this GPU is the fact that it supports 4K! Who knows maybe we end up with a 4K display on the Galaxy S8. The S8 is expected to release in the first quarter of next year in hopes that an early release will help the company rebound from the life taking Note 7 recall.

via SamMobile
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