Google may finally have revealed the date on which the Pixel 4a arrives, or at least hinted at its debut. The official Google Store now has a dedicated Lorem Ipsum page that is, in fact, a puzzle that has to be solved to reveal the August 3 date. It is worth noting here that the page does not explicitly mention August 3 as the launch date, but I believe it most likely Could be.

On Samsung’s website, you can now register for a spot to ensure you’ll get a pre-order for the upcoming Galaxy Note 20. There’s no obligation if you decide not to purchase, but putting down your name and email address helps ensure you’ll be able to get a pre-order in before stock runs out.

Better yet, Galaxy Note 20 reservations also give you a $50 “instant credit” that can be used towards other...

The next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event will be held completely virtually this year on August 5 at 10:00AM ET. This is quite different from the Unpacked events from the before-times, which were big extravagant showpieces to kick off the launch of Samsung’s newest line of devices. At last year’s August Unpacked, we got to see the devices in person. With a...

There’s only a month or so left until the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra makes its debut, but leaks have been relatively quiet. Today, though, a page on Samsung’s own website in Russia inadvertently leaked the “Galaxy Note 20 Ultra” in some high-res photos.

Spotted by Max Weinbach, the landing page for the Galaxy Note 8 in Russia shows two pictures of the company’s upcoming device. Those images will...

Samsung Galaxy S20 & Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Official Teaser Commercial / Promotion Video in HD. Samsung Unpacked 2020 Official Video Teaser.

It’s been rumored for some time now that Samsung’s big Galaxy S20 (or Galaxy S11) launch will take place in mid-February but now, there’s a leaked teaser to seemingly confirm...

If the rumors are true a change is coming in Samsung’s future plans, there will indeed be no Galaxy S11, but a Galaxy S20 instead, followed by a Galaxy S30, and so on. Remember: the current Galaxy S9, and the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will mark the last of these models designated by a single digit. Hence, changing the naming convention, if planned, could happen at this...
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